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OUT-RACISM: IS FREEDOM OF SPEECH ONLY FOR THE RICH AND POWERFU...: Black soldiers. We were always there -- and here... The problem with freedom of speech is that seemingly, only the rich has freedom to s...


Black soldiers. We were always there -- and here...
The problem with freedom of speech is that seemingly, only the rich has freedom to speak freely.  Only the rich and powerful are allowed to determine what free speech is.

But all is not lost.  In the end, the poor, black and other ethnic minorities among us,  shall inherit the earth.  The rich and powerful? Well, they inherit the wind -- of course.  Then they can whistle to it, because those who matter will have long stopped listening to them.

As with these downtrodden  groups not being allowed to speak freely, there is the matter of us not being believed by those in authority also.  That is to say, those in authority know fully well that we are telling the truth.  However, it is in their own interest, imposed by the rich and powerful, to 'deliberately' disbelieve us.

James Baldwin
But, we must never lose heart.  We must keep our heads held high, because we told the truth. That we weren't believed,  doesn't matter one jot. The smirking rich knows that we did, and the smug official knows also.  Importantly, God Almighty knows that we did. And, He of course NEVER FORGETS!

During the First World War, British soldiers sang a song which conjures up the dilemma faced by we: the poor and the downtrodden.

"She  was poor but she was honest
Victim of a rich man's game.
First he loved her, then he left her,
And she lost her maiden name ...

It's the same the whole world over,
It's the poor wot gets the blame,
It's the rich wot gets the gravy,
Ain't it all a bleedin' shame?"    
Lord Justice Leveson -- Will his inquiry be in vain?

In his essay, 'Nobody Knows My Name', James Baldwin says it all, in that:

"Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor". [James Baldwin]

Er, and would I be correct in saying that if the Leveson report is not implemented in the way his Lordship intends it, that the rich and powerful will continue to:
a) Say and write whatever they want about the poor?
b) Continue to glean said information or disinformation, by any means necessary?

And will it also mean that when the poor and downtrodden write the truth, that it can be all so easily expunged by the rich and powerful, who threatens legal action?

 Of course!

But think about it: Who made them rich and powerful in the first place?  Ain't it your money and misjudgement of them?  Then why keep bankrolling them?  Isn't it time you see them for the merciless hypocrites they are, and withhold your money, and favours?

What a sorry world in which we live today; if you happen to be poor, black, and of other downtrodden ethnic minority groups, eh!  -- Ain't it a bleedin' shame?

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English: Anton Ferdinand signing autographs fo...
English: Anton Ferdinand signing autographs for fans, before West Ham's home game v Bolton, 5th May, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You will probably have seen two photos I have looked at recently and kept thinking the same thing.  Firstly, there is the one with  footballers John Terry and Anton Ferdinand squaring up to each other at Loftus Road, in November 2011. Then, there is that of boxers David Haye and Dereck Chisora grappling with criminal intent, aforethought, at Munich, in February this year.  It was after Chisora had just made a good fist of his bout against Vitali Klitschko.  It may well have had something to do with the fact that Haye had been much less convincing, in his own performance, in July last year against Wladimir; the younger and less gifted Klitschko brother.

Since that cold November afternoon in Shepherd's Bush, when Terry and Ferdinand blew hot air -- and a lot more, in each others face, the Court in its infinite wisdom has made it clear what it thought they said.  And, that what they did was positively wrong.

Then at the end of that very week, David Haye and Dereck Chisora, egged on by 30,000 thirsty, baying-for-blood boxing fans, tried to punch the living daylights out of one another.  And David did of Dereck; at the end of round five. But, briefly. There was more excitement at Upton Park that night, than when Terry last took Chelsea to play there.  Not ever before, was there as much gaiety at that football ground, on any one occasion.  Not even in the days when Harry Houdini Redknapp fine-tuned the majestic footballing skills of Rio Ferdinand, Anton's older brother.

And, you saw it with your own eyes:  after pugilists Dereck and David were done killing one another because they had failed to do so; they embraced lovingly, as if long lost brothers.  Little of course did they realise, that indeed -- that is what they are. Brothers.

As are John Terry and Anton Ferdinand. Brothers.  And just as you can now see, two and two -- become 1.  Well, that's what I was thinking anyway,  when I saw both pair of men, in both photos.

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Photo taken by myself of Ashley Young after an...
Photo taken by myself of Ashley Young after an Aston Villa training session at Bodymoor Heath on December 24 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sign for "colored" waiting room at a...
Sign for "colored" waiting room at a Greyhound bus terminal in Rome, Georgia, 1943. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander,  argues that Black England players should walk off the football pitch in the current Euro 12 games. That is if they are targeted by racists.

It  pleases me no end that even our politicians are getting involved with racial discrimination in European football.  However, I would like to remind them that there is still racism in UK football.  Also, racism is still very prevalent in our daily lives, here in the smoke, and around Britain.

It is right for our politicians to condemn racial discrimination in Poland and the Ukraine. It is also right for us to be reminded of how Bulgaria stood by as Ashley Young was fed to its racist sons, in September last year.

However, I still feel uneasy that politicians such as Mr Alexander, can only now see the folly of racism, and the many lives it continues to destroy.

I wonder, where has he been, all this time? To those of us who are experiencing racism in our daily lives -- that is everyday, that is the question we must ask him.

And, as such, we remind him that when racist workmates, police officers, landlords, etc, blatantly abuse us, we cannot just walk off the field of play.

It is not play, in fact. It is real black hatred. Neither is it a joke.  We are not highly paid footballers who have that choice to leave.  And, the choice to do what they want after they have left the vicinity. Indeed, we must stay and fend racism off the best way we can.  That alas, is never easy.

We are merely humble human beings going about our daily lives, the best way we can.  Only to be humiliated and discriminated against, by those who MUST know better.  Yet they repeatedly attack us, in any and every way that they can.  For no good reason  -- except that they have the power, so to do, knowing that they have to answer to no one.

If Mr Alexander and other politicians concerns about our black footballers in Poland, Ukrane, Bulgaria and such countries, are genuine, then great. Whether it is or isn't, however, ordinary black folks need their support. And now.  Black and Asian people need protection against some racist government officials.  They need protection from rogue landlords and slapdash  employers too.  Most of all, Black citizens need recognition from local government town halls and the careless staff working in them.

It was Black Britain who came to clean the nation's  wounds, and the rest of its hospitals.  Black Britain's who cleaned its streets and kept its transportation revving. It was Black Britain's who kept its textile and other industries in the North,  among other things, in ship shape. That was when it mattered. Now however, racists can do as they like because Black Britain's do not matter.

And, ironically, Black British citizens lie bottom of the queue for Benefits, Housing, Education and all things positive. Those standing on their heads are the same Poles, Ukrainians, Bulgarians  and other Eastern European nation countries, immigrants.  The New Brits.

The same ones who forever make monkey chants at Black and Asian footballers; as well as supporters. The same ones who given the chance, would try to kick the living daylight out of them.

This is not a slight on the good natured, decent citizens from those nations at all. We are aware that just as here, the racists there, are a minority, as well. Their base behavior however, must serve as a wake up call to our politicians. Mr Alexander and other rainy day politicians, jumping on the Euro 12  bandwagon, must step back and  examine their domestic surroundings; to see the dangers that lurk within.

They must clean up their own back yard; before they look over their neighbor's fence and start shouting the odds.  In other words, Danny Alexander cannot claim that racism is NIMBY(not in my backyard); when he knows full well that racism is still rife in the UK. There really is no shame to admit Mr Alexander, that 'racism is RIMBY' (right in my back yard) -- the UK. Own up to it, and then a welcome change could come.


Meanwhile, on the field of play:
Game One: England v France   --       France 1:  England 1: Joleon Lescott -- a deft header.
Game Two: England v Sweden  --      Sweden 2: England 3:  Theo Walcott to Danny Welbeck -- a sublime winner.  Scorers= Andy Carroll, Theo Walcott and Danny Welbeck.
Game Three: England v Ukraine   --    Ukraine 0: England 1:  Wayne Rooney -- a brilliant header.

Quarter Finals:  England v Italy      --     Italy 0 :    England 0  :    -- England  loses on penalties (Ashley Young & Ashley Cole)

# RIMBY? You saw it here first -- Right in my back yard.
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Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, is an odious man; both so in appearance and by way of his vile thoughts. Among other evil acts, he distributes material likely to incite racial hatred. Watching him rant to the press, frothing at the mouth, and him watching back with eyes on a frolic, all of their own, one can see his own hurt.  Alas, one is not tempted to feel his hurt, because his very being, represents incalculable harm and hurt to others -- African-Caribbeans living in Britain.

He is testament that such men become vile, due to their own shortcomings, yearnings, and/or hurt; sometimes misconceived as brought on them by others.  Like Hitler and Mussolini,  also odious in appearance and thinking, brainwashing is a tool they and Griffin, like ALL racists keep uppermost in their despotic armoury.

Step forward Carlos Cortiglia, Uruguayan born of Spanish and Italian ancestry. He is the latest porn in Nick Griffin's racist game of conquer and rule. Games in general can be funny, but its winners are calculating. Cold. Carlos is no winner. An immigrant to these shores as late as 1989,  he is clearly being used by Nick Griffin.

Above all, Griffin's game is no game at all. You see, there is nothing remotely funny about racial hatred and discrimination.

Carlos ran for mayor of London on May 3rd, on the BNP ticket. As fate would have it, he turned out to be nothing more than an an embarrassment. An embarrassment to Spain, Italy, Uruguay and London; judging from his sparse tally of votes.  Er, and an embarrassment even to himself. Also. He came last. Obviously.

Like the brainwashed wannabe (want-to-be) stooges of Hitler, Mussolini, Griffin, et al, Carlos Cortiglia is hooked. He thinks that not only does he speak English, but that he speaks for the English, as well. A prize fool, smug faced and pint sized, he supported Argentina in the Falklands war which resulted in the loss of lives and limbs of many British Armed Forces personnel. And, of course, losses of all kinds to British citizens living on the Falklands, islands.

But, he is no less mislead than the aforementioned stooges, of the aforementioned despots.  He speaks English like a man of old who learns another language from a book, ignorant of its idioms, its peoples customs or its sound. He then lands at the Airport, only to find that the natives are laughing at him, instead of with him; since the language he thinks he is speaking is not their own. Only, he is so ignorant, he does not take out his foreign dictionary to remind himself of the rudimentary nature between 'with' and 'at'.

He would do well to learn also that less than 1% of Britain's, are truly racist in the sense of the word. Indeed, even less than this percentile approve of racism in the melting pot of cultures which is London. And, even less of the difference between these two statistics, approve of Nick Griffin and his poison hatred of immigrants.  The joke alas, is on Carlos Cortiglia.  And, the person laughing at him most, is Nick Griffin. You see, Carlos, dear boy, the likes of Hitler, Mussolini, Griffin and their kind, likes no one whom they regard as not their own. No outsiders, dear boy!

Furthermore, were you to look closely at them, you would note that they do not conform to Hitler's own brand of the superior "Aryan" race of: tall, blue-eyed, blonde hair and white of skin, which they aspire to be. But then, as Hitler himself did not conform to his own description of perfection, it confirms the ignorance and megalomania,  in men of their kind.

That Carlos wants to be, but can never appear, nor accepted as truly white, is neither here nor there.  What is important,  is that while you are here, Carlos, you treat people in Britain with respect. It matters not their creed, religion, nationality, sex, sexual orientation -- or dare I say it -- their colour.

That you failed so miserably in the mayoral race, sees you failing as a man, also.  It proves one thing. You are a wannabe, Carlos Cortiglia. Nothing else.  Nick Griffin saw you come in -- to Britain. He didn't like it. He does not like you. He saw you coming, so he came and courted you. But, make no mistake, Carlos, he'll be the first to kick you back from whence you came, once you have done his bidding. That is even with the British Citizenship you bought in 2003, dear boy.
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PART 5: For Parts 1-4, see:  (www.out-racism.blogspot.com)


FINALLY:The black veteran who presently has no access to medication, and still fears he may lose his home "because of that racist lot at Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation", wishes to thank Wing Commander, Dr Hugh Milroy, PhD, OBE , the CEO of Veterans Aid, Buckingham Place Road, Victoria, London, for: Feeding him, Clothing him, paying household bills, as well as offering Mental Health support, "while Donna Gurney-Iginla, a failed Council Worker, now working at SOSF refuses to sort my Housing and other benefits out with the Local Council. This is after she colluded with the Council to have them stopped in the first place, so that she could kick me out of here as I am not white enough for SOSF". This thanks he wishes to pass on, also, to ALL of the Wing Commander's staff, who are, he says: "actually real caring human beings; unlike that selfish, useless, money-grabbing, untrained, unprofessional lot, at Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation".
He begs, if you can afford it, That you please make a donation to them (VA), since had it not been for the VA, "I would not be here now speaking to you. I'd be long gone. Dead. And believe me, as small a body that they are ... [I bet you never heard of them]"
'No, can't say I have heard of them.'
"You see? Small as they are, the Veterans' Aid  has helped thousands like me, who SOSF and others have wilfully let down over the years. Because their hearts (SOSF) are not in it. They are only in it for the money. Money they put into their own pockets; while they abuse the Veterans placed into their care."
           OF COLOUR.  HERE, TODAY, PLEASE! http://www.veterans-aid.net/donations.html

   "Bombs and bullets do not discriminate between black and white soldiers.  Therefore, you should never discriminate between black and white survivors of war.  You must never discriminate between black and white human beings. Period!"  [Out-Racism]   

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Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation - Plaque
Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation - Plaque (Photo credit: sarflondondunc)
Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation
Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation (Photo credit: pixelhut)

We are reminded first and foremost, that: "Silence helps the oppressor, never the victim.  Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented." [Elie Wiesel]

Hear this: Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation (SOSF) is turning into a silent and secret racist organisation.  In order for this to stop, it must be exposed now.

It is currently being run by a man called Ed Tytherleigh, who we are told is Eton, educated, like our Prime Minister.  That may be so, but he has also claimed to have been a member of our Armed Forces.  This however, has been  proved NOT to be so.

His staff such as Donna Gurney-Iginla, were sacked by Local Authority, so obtuse and incompetent they are. Arguably with leadership and staff such as these, it is up to us, the ordinary public,  to protect the people under their unworthy care. Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation is not a business.  Its very existence is two-fold.  Firstly, it is a MILITARY 'Charity'.  Secondly, it is a permanent convalescent home for sick former Military men and women. Veterans. Our Heroes.

For Many years now, after forming during the Great War, by Mr Oswald Stoll, Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation (SOSF), was seen as a credible charity organisation, providing homes for  sick and needy former military personnel.  Based at Fulham Road, next to Chelsea football ground,  in West London, Rick Brunwin was its CEO for some 25 years, until he retired at the end of July, 2011.

Following Ricks departure, his successor Ed Tytherleigh took over as its new CEO.  Paying no regard whatsoever to the late Sir Oswald Stoll, his estate, any living relatives, or even the sick veterans living there , Ed Tytherleigh immediately changed the name of Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation, to 'Stoll'Droll, Stupid, or both? -- you might want to ask.

Arguable too, when he changed the name, Ed Tytherleigh immediately changed what this great charitable organisation once stood for -- sticking up for the rights and needs, of its Military Veterans; whether they be white or black.  It would seem that with the departure of Rick Brunwin and the arrival of Ed Tytherleigh, things have changed from excellent to pathetic. And worsening, still.  Daily.

Immediately after he arrived, Ed Tytherleigh wasted a small fortune of the foundation's money (charity money, some donated by you), changing the letterhead and logo of that formerly respected organisation.  He spent another fortune overhauling  SOSF's website, which is now peppered with lies in order to suit his purpose.  Additionally, as if to stamp his authority on the place, he wasted an even larger amount of the charity's money, on among other things, a huge, brand new, white van. That van is a apparently a permanently stationary showpiece on the grounds of SOSF, with 'Stoll' emblazoned all over it.

Perhaps Ed Tytherleigh intends to change the name of this Veterans' Home, again.  Next year it shall probably be called, the Ed Tytherleigh Foundation.  Again wasting your donations emblazoning his name all over letter heads, logos, website, white vans and everything else in sight.

There is a history of Eton failures, as you know, who have found success on the backs of unfortunate and hard working victims, whose ideas/thunder they have stolen, because, as Etonians, they feel the world owes them Power -- above all else.

In his Christmas news letter to the Veterans last year, he alluded to being a Military man. Nothing can further be further from the truth.  Still, it gives an indication of the person -- someone who has never been anything apart from a school tie,  and now considers himself to be everything -- which he clearly can NEVER become.

In his assault on the Veterans' Home (his new project) he cut back on  investments, such as newspapers. He no longer repairs computers in their computer room. He has disabled the Wi-Fi Broadband system so that veterans who cannot use the computer room are unable to get Internet access in their flats. Additionally, he got rid of the Asian computer tutor; and reneged on a promise to have the computer room open 24/7.

So, veterans who have freely served their country, must now queue up in their home, to use computers donated to them; since they cannot be accessed after 6 o'clock on an evening. During the day of course, these computers are used by Ed Tytherleigh's staff, while veterans hang around in vain, trying to get  to use them.

He has allowed his staff to take over the place completely, kowtowing to their demands whilst totally neglecting the needs of the more vulnerable veterans. The ones who cannot stand up for their selves. It might astound you to learn how much these veterans enjoy reading, given the generic throwaway term 'thick squaddies'. A great part of their entertainment at SOSF is their library. 

Since Tytherleigh's arrival, however, most of their library books have disappeared and are not being replaced.  Were the emphasis of thick squaddie shifted to 'stupid SOSF staff' that indeed would be appropriate and permanent, until an immediate shape up or ship out exercise is adhered to at SOSF.

Also, can you imagine that these Veteran's, once great athletes in their own rights, do not even have access to 'Sky Television', when staff has access to it? True, there is television in their computer room, but they cannot watch sky news or Sky sports on it.  This is a pleasure available only to Ed Tytherleigh's staff in their office, we have been told.

Another bugbear by these veterans, is the fact that even where Housing Benefit is paid (grudgingly we may add) by the council, they still have to find money (perhaps by stealing, since they are unable to work) to pay 'Water Charges/Rates'.  They are convinced that this money can be found by SOSF (but in any case, paid by the council [which has it's own spies working there, among them]) if SOSF employed less staff. They are convinced, also, that staff who should not be working here, do so on a "secret 'budy-budy' system"; since they are untrained, unintelligent, uncaring and produce nothing positive  for these  Veterans.  In fact, their presence produce a complete negative effect, which disadvantage the Veterans in many ways; the main one being, that those idle people get paid for doing nothing.

That bugbear has apparently been brought to Ed Tytherleigh's attention.  He totally disagrees with it's sentiment; and you shall see why, later.

Unlike Rick Brunwin who was nearly first in to work and last out on a daily basis, Ed Tytherleigh is conspicuous by his absence from SOSF. The man works from home and has even banned meetings,  which the veterans usually had on a regular basis, when Rick Brunwin was in charge. "From these meetings, points raised above, would be aired and rectified, by Rick"; we are told.

So with the arrival of the permanent absentee, CEO, Ed Tytherleigh, it seems apposite to state that SOSF has become the opposite of what it stood for, when Rick Brunwin was in charge. Alike the black veteran who Tytherleigh has made an immediate victim of, SOSF itself,  has been made a victim of change by him also: A changed name, a dark and desolate existence; and now a complete change from democracy to outright 'autocracy'. Perhaps we are witnessing the rise and rise of  Tytherleigh-the-terrible.  From Eton. 

Veteran's claim: 'The way they treat you, you would think that you were an intruder in their home, rather than the other way around. They want you to be grateful for having them, rather than their being grateful to work here. Let's face it, they have no qualifications and no commonsense.   They were sacked by local authorities because they are useless. Were they to leave here nobody in their right mind would employ them. But instead of being grateful to the Veterans here for allowing them meals for their tables, they abuse their powers and us veterans into the bargain.  Furthermore, they cannot empathise with us, because they have never served in the Armed Forces, as we have.

'Yet they still  get paid more than qualified workers doing their jobs elsewhere. Fancy phoning your former colleagues at the Council, after the Council has sacked you, telling them you get paid more than them now, even though you still do not know as much as them, and certainly do less work than them. A powerful feeling you can be sure.  The kind of 'power' which corrupts -- and is arguably being used now for that purpose, at SOSF.

' Another thing, when the computers are working, you try getting on one, when the hoity-toity (staff) are on their many and varied extended lunch breaks.  You'll find them sat at our computers. Yet naturally we cannot use the computers in their offices.

' And that cleaner of theirs -- it's as if he owns our computer room.  He comes to work in the morning, does five minutes with his brush, then spends the rest of the day playing on our computers.  No member of staff should ever be allowed into our computer room, except our tutor, when s/he is on duty.   Come to think of it, they should not be allowed anywhere on our estate, except in the area where they are working. They have been given far  too much freedom and  power around here. Therein lies the problem.

'So much power indeed, that even nepotism has now crept in.  That lazy cleaner has his wife working here as well.  She is supposed to be a Carer. Comes in for an our or two on weekdays.  Takes the same elderly woman shopping, everyday, and then goes home.  For that she gets a full time wage.  Can you believe it?  No wonder staff treat us as if we don't exit.  I am sure that in their heart of hearts they can't believe their luck -- you know, getting paid a fortune for doing nothing; or next to nothing, knowing that they could not even find work elsewhere.

'Oh, and apart from that smelly cleaner. They have cleaners who work inside the buildings as well. But inside, the buildings are very untidy.  No body checks their work.  So we have indoor cleaners outdoor cleaners, gardeners and a whole bunch of redundant workers and title for workers.  Only they are not at home redundant.  They get paid every single day; while the place is still filthy and whatever work those in the office are supposed to do, we don't know, because we see no benefits coming our way.

'To make matters worse, they close the office for about two hours every day. While some of them spend half of that time in the local pubs, the other half use our computers.  They then swap over.  So much money and manpower here and none of it is used for the better good of us veterans, by those worthless clowns, who are meant to be caring for us.

'Staff here need to be put back in line and be told that Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation belongs to us. Veterans. "You work for us.  If you are therefore not up to the mark or you step out of line, we get rid of you". Sadly, it is the other way around.  Few of them (if any!) reach the level of competence expected of them, in working FOR us VETERANS; yet they can virtually do whatever they like to us and no one bats an eye lid; as you can see by the way they are treating that black bloke.

'I know that bloke by the way.  He is sound, man. Sound. Seems shy to, but very polite, man. Very polite, you don't want to believe a thing those people tell you. Keeps himself to himself. Don't blame him either. They are a right shower them staff.

'I mean where else could this happen? But more to the point -- how can this be allowed to happen to to us. Yes, those of us who would have given our lives for our country; only to be treated like fools and animals, by people clearly lower than animals; people who would never fight for this country as we have. 

'My God, you hear about people being laid off work elsewhere due to the state of our economy, yet you have people here getting paid for doing absolutely nothing.  They have no trade, no skills, no job description; yet they get paid week in week out. They have been sacked by local councils for God sakes.  I mean, seriously; who gets sacked from local authority?

'The money squandered on those workers who should not be working here -- or anyplace else, come to think of it, should be properly spent on us veterans.  Only, even the guy in charge isn't intelligent enough to see it, or do it.  A Private soldier with six months basic training under her or his belt could make a better fist of running this place than present incumbent.'

After twenty five years of running SOSF, Rick Brunwin would have left a blueprint for the next twenty five years. Alas though, it would seem that within five months of his noble and distinguished departure, Ed Tytherligh, had torn it up.  Instead, he has certainly commence to submerge Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation. 'Stoll'STOL, would have been more apt; for Tytherleigh.  Indeed, since he has apparently never announced his arrival to these Veterans, and since he works from home, making it impossible for them to communicate, a Short Take Off and Landing by him, to any other place, would be welcomed by these vulnerable veterans.


Recently a black veteran who is continually victimised and humiliated by staff at the foundation, complained about victimisation and discrimination from the medical centre, stationed inside Sir Oswald Stoll foundation.

Ed Tytherleigh did nothing, whatsoever.  Instead, he claims that the Medical Centre at Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation has nothing to do with him.  You might want to wonder then, why he accepts any money paid to Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation by Dr Tim McNicholas from that practice, since it has nothing to do with him.

It will not surprise you, when you learn too, that at the same time the Medical Centre refused to treat the black veteran, and instead banned him from ever visiting it again, Ed Tytherleigh was evicting this same veteran from his flat, on the Foundation.  Donna Gurney-Ingila the Housing Officer (failed Council worker) had  already placed an Eviction Order at the local court, to force the black veteran out of his home, and away from the foundation. Wonder of wonders, apparently Ed Tytherleigh knew nothing about that, either, so could do nothing about it. Definitely nice work to have, when you clearly have to do nothing and know anything, or even have to turn up;  even though you are in charge. Supposedly. There goes the 'Eton Boy' for you!

The veteran at the heart of this dreadful manoeuvre,  did absolutely nothing to be banned from either the surgery in his home, or indeed his own flat (apart from being born black, of course), as you shall see later.  Yet he is now bereft of medication and suffering, daily. Tim McNicholas the doctor at Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation refuses to treat him, yet recommends that he goes to a particular surgery, some two to three miles away, possibly part owned by him. That centre is partnered by by Dr Jefferies, at 292 Munster Road, London SW6 6BQ (Phone Number 0207 385 1965).

Wouldn't you say it is rather strange that McNicholas refuses to treat the black veteran, yet nonetheless recommends to him a particular surgery?  Are we looking at one of those recently discovered cases where doctors have struck patients off their books yet continue to claim money on their behalf? Would this be one of these scenarios where both surgeries owned, or part-owned by one doctor, or his friend(s)  would be claiming payment for the same patient, since the connection would not be made by the government?  A situation where both doctors fill their boots from one vulnerable patient?

 Ah, but we are only asking?  Perhaps you may tell us!

According to veterans:
"That Doctor, ahh he's a piece a work man. This  lady, Ana I think her name is, went to see him about her illness, after a few minutes he gets up, open the surgery door and tells her to 'get out' your time is up."

"That Medical Centre is closed on Thursday and all the weekend.  They operate in our yard, but you try calling them to your flat if you have an emergency.  No Chance. They don't do house calls. If you ask me we could do with a doctor who has bedside manners."

"Oh, he must take home at least three-hudred grand a year working part-time from this surgery alone.  He has other partnership surgeries you know."

"Gawd those receptionists. Pheeeww. Don't know their names. They are very unpleasant, though. Not nice people at all ..."

"Ah can well see them doing it to that black guy, though. ... No, a don't know him personally.  He's very quiet. Very easy-going. No, a think if they try to ban one of us, using trump up chargers they would have a riot on their hands ... Na, they wouldn't try it on with a white tenant.  No way."

Naturally, the veteran rightly refuses to attend that surgery recommended by McNicholas -- or any other surgery.  Indeed, why should he? Now, effectively we have a situation where McNicholas refuses to accept the right of this black man to belong at SOSF.  So McNicholas freely walks his dog around the black man's home. He has parking privileges in this man's yard for all of his staff, personal friends and himself. Additionally, he is exploiting the many other advantages/benefits  (including, and especially, the commercial ones) of Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation being a 'Charity'.  But, maliciously and with bias, he deprives the poor black veteran of these benefits, for whom SOSF  intended -- and would be given, were his skin not different in colour to McNicholas'.

These Poignant questions must therefore be asked:
1) Does McNicholas realise that even though this man is black, that Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation is his home and not the other way around?
2) Is Ed Tytherleigh the CEO, actually so stupid, arrogant, inept, racist -- or ALL, to remind McNicholas of that simple, yet important fact?
3) Has it not occurred to either or both men, whose thoughts and judgements are so utterly impaired and clouded by racism, that as they clearly have a problem with the colour of this veteran's skin, then it is they who MUST leave this black man's RIGHTFUL HOME?
4) Is it not now time for Sir Oswald Stoll to be run by former Military personnel, including doctors, nurses and other professionals who have served with the military?
     For one thing, they shall be able to empathise with veterans of all colours and creeds, since they too
     would have proudly served their Country, just as the veterans living there have; and unlike Tytherleigh and
     McNicholas ever could.
     For another, being intelligent, understanding, caring; with discipline and empathy, there would be none
     of the current waste, pilfering (staff take items from the Foundation gifted to veterans and from senile
     veteran' flats) incompetence and blatant racism currently allowed under this incompetent retard --
     Ed Whatchamacallit ...
5) Why is there not an authority at SOSF (with Veterans' representatives) whereby Veteran's may complain  about bullying, racial discrimination and the waste of their inheritance by arrogant, ungrateful and incompetent fools, such are presently running SOSF?
8) Why is there not a body at SOSF (with Veterans' representative) which monitors the work and behaviour of its staff?
9) How can SOSF, which is both a 'Charity' and a 'Care Home' for the military, be FULLY  run by unqualified, uncaring, unsympathetic Civilians?

There are two reasons why SOSF is so poorly run and horribly led:
i) It is run and led by uncaring civilians.
ii) The Civilians who run SOSF see it as commercial Enterprise. A Cash cow. Their own personal Cashpoint. Indeed they are turning veterans against one another, whilst they are slowly building a more or less secret organisation, which if not stopped instantly, could soon become impenetrable from the outside -- even by government, MOD, or the military itself.

SOSF is pure and simple a consumer affair with 'Charity' status.  It is NOT the commercial enterprise Ed Tytherleigh and Tim McNicholas are trying to make it into -- at any cost, including SLOWLY MURDERING A BLACK ARMY VETERAN, simply because his face does not fit their commercial plan.

Black our veteran may be, but in him, we have a man who has served his Queen and country for over ten years.  He rose to the rank of Sergeant in the British Army, undoubtedly the greatest and toughest of Armies in all the world. Among his many medals host of sporting trophies, commendations, accolades, is his Northern Ireland Gallant Service Medal.  On completing his Military Service, his discharge certificate reads 'EXEMPLARY SERVICE'. That is the highest of five category discharge certificates.  You don't suppose that in those days anyone saw his colour as a bar to his obvious winning qualities,brilliant leadership skills, and ability to achieve job satisfaction, do you?

This is a man who has been responsible for Military personnel, money and equipment.  A man who paid his own University fees for studying Government and Politics; and has no regrets for having the government pay  the fees his Law Diploma.  He is proud to have worked and earned his achievements. By the same token, he has earned the right to live at Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation.  He has earned the right to be treated with respect.

You cannot say however, that Tytherleigh, McNicholas and their kind, have the right to work at SOSF.  If such men could not find time to serve their Queen and country (as this black man did) then they have no right working at SOSF.  But to then be given the opportunity to, and then have the temerity to decide that because a man is BLACK (despite him doing more than they have for this country -- Us) he has no right being there, in UNACCEPTABLE. UNFORGIVABLE.

But all is not yet  lost for our sick black veteran who is still being refused his medication and admission to his medical centre, by Tim McNicholas.  And, and who is still being Evicted from his flat, by Ed Tytherleigh. 

On Monday 19th March, the local court refused to evict the black veteran from his flat.

Ed Tytherleigh wants you to believe that the Medical Centre in Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation has nothing to do with him.  He wants you to believe also, that he knew nothing about his Housing Officer simultaneously evicting the black veteran, when the surgery were banning him.  Indeed, he might even refuse to accept the fact that both his housing officer and the receptionist who kept stopping  the black veteran from getting a doctor's appointment, are huge bosom buddies.   They are regular lunchtime companions.  The pavements on the Fulham road would have trembled under their excess weights and would swear to it; if street pavements could talk.

Ed Tytherligh can talk -- or one assumes, but he won't tell you the truth. However, just as certain as night follows day, these two racially motivated incidents are by design. They were cruelly planned and executed in the corridors of Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation.  They are inextricably linked; and they are sanctioned by him.

As you can see, McNicholas decides to send the black veteran to their surgery miles away.  Tytherleigh was then to put on his caring act and inform the court (another hearing is on 2nd July, at 2pm, at West London County Court, Talgarth Road, Hammersmith)   that he could guarantee this black veteran, cheaper accommodation, out in the sticks, where Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation has access to other properties.

Indeed, the penultimate black veteran sent to Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation to live, was soon shipped off to properties outside of Fulham/Central London, under those arrangements.

In partnership with the local authority, Hammersmith and Fulham and a Housing body called West Way, veterans at SOSF can volunteer to live outside of Central London with their help.  Only, the veterans must volunteer to move  -- not be volunteered to, by Tytherleigh, et al.  It was Tytherleigh's plan that on being faced with the prospect of getting thrown out onto the streets, else live out in the sticks, the black veteran's choice would be a no-brainer. The sticks, of course. Only,Tytherleigh clearly did not count on the fact that we would unearth these truths.


Ironically, Hammersmith and Fulham council is actually a member of this scheme with SOSF, West Way and others, where SOSF staff can move out of Central London to live.

An coincidence, perhaps?

The black veteran's Housing Benefit was suddenly stopped by this council, between them and among others, SOSF present Housing Officer, Donna Gurney-Iginla.  No reason was given to the veteran then.  And none is given now, either.

Donna Gurney-Iginla nonetheless continues to humiliate him and threaten him with eviction. Perhaps she wants him to lose his temper and strike out, giving her legitimate reason to kick him out. (After all, isn't that the way black men behave?) Because, clearly the veteran cannot pay money towards his rent which he does not have.

This is a woman who has lied consistently about the Veteran's circumstances in order to get him thrown out.  Indeed, she refuses to answer letters written to her by the veteran, since in so doing, would confirm that she has been  lying about the case, all along.  This is a woman who had SOSF's barrister lied to the court about the amount of rent he is charged by SOSF, so as to hide the fact that said veteran is actually charged more rent than others.

This is a woman who when the Veterans' Aid paid moneys to his rent to avoid him being evicted, lied in papers she drafted for the court, claiming that the money came from elsewhere.  Indeed, it may surprise you that this lying, deceitful woman is still employed by SOSF.  Do be, the reason for this is because Ed Tytherleigh clearly approves of what she is doing.  After all, she is working for McNicholas' and his joint cause -- keep SOSF and its surrounds, WHITE.

And whilst this woman happily blocks our veteran's Housing Benefit, she gladly rakes in her tons of Child Benefits for her many children,  as well as any other benefits she may be entitled to; (As do her friends in the Medical Centre at SOSF, should it apply to them).  In the meantime she (and they) turn up at SOSF and pretend to do honest work. You will have to agree I am sure, that what goes on at this 'Charity', SOSF,  is not at all charitable.

Lest we forget, this is a man who has selflessly served Queen and country. Now, having his Housing Benefits stopped by others who thinks that he is of the wrong colour to live in the Veterans Rest, set aside for him -- not to mention that they are working in the man's home. And, not to mention too, a people who cannot even hold down a council job.  Somewhat surreal,  wouldn't you say?

That indeed (his non payment of rent, which he has absolutely no control over) is the catalyst used by Tytherleigh to precipitate the black veteran's eviction.


Just in case you hadn't guessed, the catalyst precipitating our black veteran's ban from the surgery was 'rudeness' That tried and tested rule which always win racial discrimination cases for whites over black, since ALL black men are by nature rude.


OF COURSE, WERE THE VICTIM ON THE OTHER HAND, WHITE, HE WOULD MERELY HAVE BEEN, BEING 'assertive'.  Asserting his God given rights, no less.

A BLACK MAN THOUGH, WOULD IN ALL CASES be 'rude' (because surely God does not give such a person rights; nor intellect, to reason.) Luckily that sort of thinking is a thing of the past. And, long may it stay so.  Our Courts and Tribunals are beginning to see through the Tessa Newby's of this world.

The Black Veteran having tried for two months to obtain an appointment with a doctor, was repeatedly refused one.  When his medication completely ran out, the veteran returned to the surgery, explained his predicament, and asked to see a doctor and obtain his medication, yet again. This is even though the Centre has 'Emergency' cover, for such instances.  On being sent away yet again, the veteran asserted his Human Rights and refused to leave the surgery until he saw a doctor and his prescription filled.

The head receptionist at the surgery, Tessa Newby, humiliated our veteran in front of a packed surgery.  She threatened him with calling the police, laughed about his name, patronised him and refused him seeing a doctor, among other things. Clearly it is her who was rude and must certainly be the shallowest, most devious, and least professional medical receptionist in all London.

As we have said 'Rudeness' is a tried and tested winning formula for a charge against black men,  from the likes of Tessa Newby (whilst they claim to have black families and friends themselves, so can in no way be racist [All the tricks in the book. Our Courts/Tribunals however are now wise to them.]). Who knows, she has probably gotten away using this same lie, in the past, to hide her obvious racism.

Only, this time their own surgery cameras will certainly be her downfall, because they will certainly show no evidence of rudeness on the part of our veteran who rightly stood up for his Human Rights to be medically treated -- and in his own home too.  Only to be deprived by this arrogant racist woman, Tessa Newby -- a working guest, in the veteran's home, of all places; lest we forget.

It seems rather strange, too, that the veteran in his tenth year at SOSF would suddenly be rude to Tessa Newby, when in all manner of atrocities done to him at SOSF, he has behaved with stoic dignity.  His car tyres have been slashed,  his car been smashed, his flat has been entered into by staff  (even broken in to by them); his allotment has been sabotaged, a BNP former soldier and his mates conspired to have him banned from a local pub,  so as not to have 'to be in the same place as HIM' ("our easy-going, gentle-giant" black veteran [as described by others]) .  All throughout, our black veteran has remained resolute and importantly, NOT HAVING TO BE 'RUDE';  even though all the acts mentioned (and others which have not bee) were carried out repeatedly against him. That is to say, each act was repeated time and time again.

 It is clear therefore that Tessa Newby is lying (as the surgery cameras will show) and she is intentionally stereotyping this black man, believing that everyone would believe her, since 'surely, ALL black men are rude.'  Rude no doubt for having the temerity of breathing the same air as Tessa Newby and her kind.

A wrong, disrespectful and racist attitude, Tessa Newby. More to the point, IT IS YOU, TESSA NEWBY, WHO IS RUDE --- AND INDEED A LIAR, ALSO!

Ed Tytherleigh, Tim McNicholas, Tessa Newby, Donna Gurney-Iginla and the rest of those responsible for effectively still slowly torturing and murdering this poor, sick, elderly Veteran, because he is BLACK, must not be allowed to get away with it, because:
 "Where laws end, tyranny begins."  [William Pitt]


Clearly this unlawful and unjustified  behaviour of Ed Tytherleigh
and Tim McNicholas can NEVER be tolerated, in 21st Century, London.

For one thing, our sick veterans, white and black have the right to be treated with with respect.  And, for another, these two unsavoury individuals must make you think twice, the next time you are tempted to make a donation to ANY military charity again.

Indeed the Royal British Legion, SSAFA and other such genuine and caring Military charity organisations can only suffer as a result of any association with Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation from now on. Because, surely the next time you are tempted to volunteer for these organisations or send them a donation, you are going to think twice about the racist, unlawful and unacceptable treatment meted out on this poor veteran, by Tim McNicholas, Ed Tytherleigh and their staff at Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation, merely because he is black.

The Arab Spring of last year, proved there is power in each of us individuals to help cull our world of evil dictators,  as well as these racist staff at SOSF. First things first, however, that poor sick black hero deserves his medication. Immediately.  Also, his mind must be put at ease,that he is safe from eviction.   No man should be put through this unwarranted treatment merely because of his colour -- especially in a place built for him/Veterans.
Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation is not a place for Racism, Victimisation, Bullying and such other vile atrocities to be taking place. To protest  against this and  as to how poorly Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation is governed and led:
Ed Tytherleigh: 020 7385 2110; CEO Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation, evicting the black veteran from his home.
Dr Tim McNicholas: 020 7385 6001; refusing to give the black veteran his medication, banning him from the surgery at Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation; and ordering him to attend a partnership surgery miles away.
Dr Jeffreyes : 020 7385 1965; for wanting to accept a black patient recommended by Tim McNicholas, although Tim McNicholas does not want the patient in the surgery (he thinks he owns) which is based in the Veterans' Home at Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation.

       **************     *****************    ******************        ****************

Remember, this particular case may be about a black Army veteran being cruelly and needlessly abused.  However, it concerns people of all colour and creed, in care homes, everywhere; as well as Charity Organisations. There are good carers as well as these foul ones at Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation.  Furthermore there are good Civilian Charities, as well as Military Charities, such as The Royal British Legion (RBL) as opposed to this appalling one, that is Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation.  Only by exposing Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation as dangerous charity and its staff as worthless and inhumane carers -- can we shine a light on good carers and great Military Charities such as the RBL, SSAFA, VA, etc.  PLEASE DO NOT STAY SILENT AND LET OUR BLACK VETERAN DIE -- OR IF HE DOES, DON'T LET IT BE IN VAIN! 

 "Silence helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented." [Elie Wiesel]

FINALLY:The black veteran who presently has no access to medication, and still fears he may lose his home "because of that racist lot at Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation", wishes to thank Wing Commander, Dr Hugh Milroy, PhD, OBE , the CEO of Veterans Aid, Buckingham Place Road, Victoria, London, for: Feeding him, Clothing him, paying household bills, as well as offering Mental Health support, "while Donna Gurney-Iginla, a failed Council Worker, now working at SOSF refuses to sort my Housing and other benefits out with the Local Council. This is after she colluded with the Council to have them stopped in the first place, so that she could kick me out of here as I am not white enough for SOSF". This thanks he wishes to pass on, also, to ALL of the Wing Commander's staff, who are, he says: "actually real caring human beings; unlike that selfish, useless, money-grabbing, untrained, unprofessional lot, at Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation".
He begs, if you can afford it, That you please make a donation to them (VA), since had it not been for the VA, "I would not be here now speaking to you. I'd be long gone. Dead. And believe me, as small a body that they are ... [I bet you never heard of them]"
'No, can't say I have of them.'
"You see? Small as they are, the Veterans' Aid  has helped thousands like me, who SOSF and others have wilfully let down over the years. Because their hearts (SOSF) are not in it. They are only in it for the money. Money they put into their own pockets; while they abuse the Veterans placed into their care."
           OF COLOUR.  HERE, TODAY, PLEASE! http://www.veterans-aid.net/donations.html

   "Bombs and bullets do not discriminate between black and white soldiers.  Therefore, you should never discriminate between black and white survivors of war.  You must never discriminate between black and white human beings. Period!"  [Out-Racism]   

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